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Tea - just saying the name of the world's most popular beverage is naturally relaxing and refreshing. A cup of tea can be healing and calming - a simple moment of tranquility in a busy day.
This unassuming brew has become one of the hottest key ingredients in natural cosmetics today.
Tea is a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamins C and E. Japanese research shows it to be a powerful enemy of the hated "free radicals," which cause our bodies to age. Tea has a variety of beauty benefits and can be used all over your body to cleanse the skin, soothe sunburn, highlight the hair, relax your muscles, and calm puffy eyes.

Terrific Beauty Tea Tips
Here are a few easy ways to use tea to look and feel your best: • Reduce under-eye puffiness by placing two cool tea bags over each eye and relaxing for 10 to 15 minutes. • Soothe an insect bite or cut by placing a green tea bag over the affected area. The tea will reduce itching and swelling. • For bad sunburn, try a tea bath. Hang four or five oolong, jasmine, or green tea bags under your bath spout as you fill your tub. Soak in the fragrant, warm water. • To keep your feet smelling their best, try a foot soak in natural tea. Soaking in black tea will help reduce foot odor because tea is naturally astringent. The tannic acid in tea also helps kill odor-causing bacteria. • If you use henna to color your hair, use tea instead of water when mixing your paste. Try black or ceylon for brunettes and chamomile for blondes. • A great way to relax or practice simple meditation is with a cup of tea. Start your day with a cup or take a tea break to refocus a hectic day.

Beauty Tea Recipes:

Hair Conditioner: Take a glass of green tea and then add lemon juice to it. After shampooing your hair, rinse it with the mixture to get soft and silky hair. But don't rinse the hair again with water. Just leave it for combing.

Mild astringent: will keep your complexion clean and glowing with health.
2 tea bags of your choice (green, orange pekoe, earl grey, and jasmine work well) 1/4 cup boiling water 1/4 cup witch hazel
Directions: Pour boiling water over the tea bags and allow them to steep for at least one hour or until cool. Remove the bags and combine the cooled tea with the witch hazel. Pour the mixture into a clean container. To use: Apply to clean skin with a cotton pad after cleansing. Yield: 4 ounces Sunburn Soothers Mix 1 cup rolled oats with half a diced cucumber and a cup of hot green tea (all of which counter redness and inflammation). Then add 4 tablespoons of honey (for moisture). Refrigerate for an hour. Apply to sensitive areas, and cover with a cold, damp washcloth for 10 minutes. Rinse.

Give Your Feet Relief Drop a few teaspoons of loose chamomile flowers tea into a basin of hot water. Then add a handful of dried parsley and a few drops of essential oil (try lavender or just use olive oil). Let steep for 10 minutes and then slip feet in for a 15-minute soak. After your feet should feel refreshed and renewed! Or try dunking your tootsies in a tub of cool green tea. Its astringent and antiseptic properties with leave them tingling and smelling fresh.

Sooth Shaving Slip-ups Pat razor-burned areas with a wet tea bag; the tannic acid in the tea reduces redness.
Quick Canker Pain Reliever Place a cool, wet tea bag over the sore for a few minutes several times a day.


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