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Six Pack Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Summer is officially here and we’re slipping into tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits on a near-daily basis now. Maybe you’ve been doing a million crunches to get ready for the beach, but you’d be better off if you focused on what’s on your plate instead.
Of course you can’t get muscle tone without working the muscles, but to have truly well-defined muscles, you first need to strip away the fat layer on top so you can see them.  Which reminds us of a funny quote: “Of course I’ve got washboard abs; there’s just a little bit of laundry on top!”
Use the kitchen wisely.  Think about lean proteins, controlled portion sizes, and lots and lots of veggies with some healthy servings of fruit.  Avoid starches, sugars, and anything processed like the plague.
The reason why we say your kitchen instead of just the plate is because you’ll need to cook the food yourself.  That way you’ll make sure you’re using the right amount of healthy oils and keep the salt low.
Some secrets from the pros:
  • Spices make everything taste better. Buy them as fresh as possible.
  • Eating organic over regular vegetables will add more flavor, freshness, and likely more vitamins and minerals. Plus your food will have a lot less chemicals on it.
  • Cook in batches and dole meals out over a few days so it doesn’t feel like you’re living in the kitchen.
  • Think four to five small meals a day instead of three regular ones.  Spacing out smaller amounts of protein and veggies will keep your blood sugar levels on a more even keel.


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