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How To Keep Cilantro & Parsley Fresh

How to Keep Cilantro and Parsley Fresh For Many Days

In a previous article I had mentioned how you can drink the juice of cilantro and parsley to get healthy as it is an excellent combination for detox.  These two leaves are easily available in many stores as these are very commonly used in many recipes which makes them very popular.  When  I suggest that you take the juice at least once a week.
How to Keep Parsley Fresh
However one of the problems I have noticed which I am sure is also faced by many of you is that these leaves can dry up pretty fast so if you want to have the juice after 2 to 3 days of purchase chances are that they will become almost dead.  I would like to show two simple steps which can help you to maintain the freshness of these two leaves.

How to Ensure Freshness of Parsley Leaves?

For Parsley you do not need to keep in it your refrigerator.  Just take a glass of water and put the stems of the leaves into the glass.  Every 24 hours you can take it out, cut the bottom portion of the stem by a centimeter and pour fresh water in to the glass.  Again put the parsley into the glass of water.  This way you can keep the parsley leaves fresh for several days.
I have myself done it quite successfully.  Earlier I used to keep these leaves into the fridge but by the next day they used to start drying out.

How to Ensure Freshness of Cilantro Leaves?

Cilantro leaves are easier to keep fresh in the refrigerator as compared to parsley leaves.  Here is what you need to do.  Wrap the Cilantro leaves in a airtight plastic bag and just put it in the fridge.  This will prevent the moisture from escaping thus keeping the cilantro leaves fresh for many days.  I have seen another technique used by many shopkeepers where in they will first put a damp cloth in the refrigerator and then keep the cilantro leave on the cloth.  That way also they are able to keep these leaves fresh for many days.
However remember that you should bot keep the leaves in the fridge without the plastic wrap as they will dry out very soon since the fridge has a very dry and cold environment.


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