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Total Body Timesaver Workout

Total Body Timesaver Workout

This total body workout is for intermediate/advanced exercisers and involves supersets targeting the hips, glutes, thighs, chest, back and arms.  The exercises in each superset have been chosen to minimize the time between moves, allowing you to use the same weights and quickly change positions for a fast, efficient workout.  The supersets involve a lower body move followed immediately by an upper body exercise.  Perform each superset for 1-3 sets and modify as needed to fit your fitness level and goals.  See below for more guidelines.
Superset Exercise 1 Exercise 2
SS 1 Barbell Squats

Place the bar on the shoulders and lower into a squat, knees behind the toes.  Repeat for 10-16 reps, then go to Barbell Rows.
Bent Over Barbell Rows

From Squats, take the bar up over the head and in front of the legs for 10-16 barbell rows
Repeat superset for 1-3 sets.
SS 2 Split squats

Holding light weights, perform one set of split squats, back foot elevated, with the left foot forward.  10-16 reps.
Reverse Flies on One Leg

Straighten the back leg, bend forward to about 45 degrees (flat back) and do 10-16 reverse flies. Repeat the series with the right forward.
Repeat superset (on both legs) for 1-2 sets.
SS 3 Step Ups with Band

Wrap band under one side of step and do 10-16 step ups on the left leg, then switch sides and repeat on the right leg.
Chest Press with Band
Keeping band wrapped under the step, lie down and perform 10-16 chest presses (wrapping the tube to add tension if needed). 
Repeat superset for 1-3 sets.
SS 4 Hip Extension on the Ball

Place ball under the hips and forearms on the floor.  Bend the knees so shins are perpendicular to the floor and squeeze the glutes to lift the feet towards the ceiling.
Ball Pushups
From the hip extensions, roll forward until your knees, shins or toes are resting on the ball and do 10-16 pushups.
Repeat superset for 1-3 sets.
SS 5 Leg lift on the Ball
Lie with the right side on the ball, bottom leg bent and top leg straight.  Rest a light weight on the upper thigh.  Lift top leg up for 10-16 leg lifts.
Lateral Raise on the Ball
In the same position, leave the top foot on the floor and raise the left arm up to shoulder level for 10-16 reps.  Switch to the other side and repeat series.
Repeat superset (one series on the right, one series on the left) for 1-2 sets.
SS 6 Hamstring Rolls
Lie on the floor, keeping light-medium dumbbells nearby, and perform 10-16 hamstring rolls.
Triceps Extensions

Grab the dumbbells and keep the feet on the ball as you perform 10-16 triceps extensions.
Repeat superset for 1-3 sets.
SS 7 Leg Press

Lie at an incline on the ball and, pressing through the heels, do 10-16 leg presses
Incline Biceps Curls on Ball

In the same incline position from the Leg Press, do 10-16 incline biceps curls.
Repeat superset for 1-3 sets.
Workout Guidelines
  • Warm up with 5 or more  minutes of cardio
  • Beginners:  If these moves are too advanced, try one of these workouts for beginners.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Perform each superset for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps, using enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired number of reps.
  • See your doctor if you have any conditions, illnesses or injuries


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