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Benefits of Jojoba Oil

4 Skin Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Love Jojoba Oil!!!!The Benefits are WONDERFUL!!!-Tiffany
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Guest post by Roxanne Jones

Jojoba oil has been used by Native Americans for centuries to treat skin wounds, but it didn’t become widely known to most of the rest of us until the 1970s. Since then, its popularity has grown due to the amazing benefits it provides. Jojoba itself is actually a shrub that commonly grows in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. The oil from the jojoba shrub is a wax ester, which means it’s very much like the natural oils our bodies produce.

Jojoba oil can be healthy for the skin in a variety of ways:
•    As an anti-bacterial—Just as Native Americans have known for centuries, jojoba oil is very effective in preventing and treating infections of the skin. Long before modern medicine produced topical treatments to treat infections, jojoba oil was doing just that for Native tribes throughout Mexico and the American Southwest.
•    As an anti-inflammatory—Jojoba oil reduces the painful swelling and redness that so often accompanies a skin injury. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it an effective treatment for acne.
•    As a moisturizer—Because jojoba oil is so similar to the natural oils that our bodies produce on a regular basis, it’s particularly effective as a moisturizer. It’s easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Jojoba oil is often used by masseuses because it’s non-greasy and pleasant smelling. This all-natural moisturizer is particularly effective for treating dry skin or helping to create a more youthful appearance for people with aging skin.
•    As an acne treatment—Jojoba oil can benefit younger skin just as much as it benefits older skin. Acne, typically a problem for teenagers, is usually characterized by pimples and clogged pores. These blemishes can eventually become infected if not treated appropriately. Since many over-the-counter skin products contain animal fat, they can actually make acne even worse. But jojoba oil is non-greasy, and because it’s a natural antiseptic, it’s a very effective treatment for acne. Jojoba oil both cleanses and moisturizes the skin at the same time.
While there’s no doubt that jojoba oil is a completely natural, healthy treatment for the skin, it can also be expensive. If you decide to try it for yourself, use it sparingly—a little bit goes a long way. And even though it may be a little pricey, the results are worth every penny!

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