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10 MacGyver Uses for Beauty Products

10 MacGyver Uses for Beauty Products

You won't believe the problems that mascara, toothpaste, hair elastics, and more can solve.
By Sharon Tanenbaum

  • 1. Hairspray to Fight Static

    Credits: Daily Glow Silk skirt sticking to your body? Spritz hairspray on the inside of the fabric to stop static cling.
  • 2. Razor to Smooth Sweaters

    Credits: Daily Glow If your favorite winter sweater has turned into a pill-y nightmare, lightly sweep your razor over the surface to remove the fuzz and restore the sweater to its former glory.
  • 3. Nail Polish to Decode Your Keys

    Credits: Daily Glow Can't tell your house key from your office key? Paint each one a different color so you can get in and out in a flash.
  • 4. Floss to Slice Nicely

    Credits: Daily Glow Who cut the cheese? A string of unflavored dental floss is strong enough to slice the cheesecake without the mess.
  • 5. Hair Elastics to Hold Your Money

    Credits: Daily Glow Quickly stash your ID, credit cards, and cash in your stylish clutch (without the bulkiness) thanks to a hair elastic-turned-money clip.
  • 6. Mascara Wand to Clean Precisely

    Credits: Daily Glow Repurpose an old mascara wand by using it as a scrub brush to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crevices around the house.
  • 7. Nail Polish Remover to Shine Your Shoes

    Credits: Daily Glow Out damned, scuff! Out, I say! Remove scuffs from patent or regular leather shoes with acetone-based nail polish remover.
  • 8. Lipstick to Avoid 'Senior Moments'

    Credits: Daily Glow Don't ever forget to mail that bill again with a reminder (written in red lipstick) scribbled on your bathroom mirror.
  • 9. Comb to Protect Your Fingers

    Credits: Daily Glow When hanging a picture, protect your fingers from getting hammered and place the nail in between the teeth of a comb.
  • 10. Toothpaste to Fill Divets

    Credits: Daily Glow Oops, nailed the wrong spot on your white wall? Fix the blunder by filling the hole with a little white toothpaste.


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