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An Apple A Day Will Help Fight Wrinkles

By Dr. Jessica Wu

Dr. Jessica Wu: Hollywood Dermatologist
Did you know that apples are good for more than eating? It turns out that an apple a day may help keep the wrinkles away. According to Swiss researchers, an extract from a rare apple found in a remote part of Switzerland has been shown to have potential anti-aging benefits. This variety of apple, called Uttwiler Spatlauber, was cultivated in the 18th century, long before the appearance of crispers and modern farming techniques. It was a popular fruit back then because it could be stored for a long period of time without spoiling. Some of these apple trees are still being grown in Switzerland, and researchers believe that the fruit's longevity and resistance to spoiling result from the apple tree’s unusually long-living stem cells.

Recently, scientists have shown that an extract containing plant stem cells from the leaves of this apple tree could stimulate the production of human stem cells. In another study, subjects who applied a cream containing the apple extract saw an 8 percent reduction in their crow’s-feet after two weeks, and a 15 percent reduction after four weeks. While these initial studies are promising, I’m waiting to see more research before recommending skin creams containing this ingredient.

Apples also contain a compound called malic acid, which is related to glycolic acid. Malic and glycolic acids are alpha hydroxy acids, which help “unglue” dead skin cells and loosen clogged pores. This is why alpha hydroxy acids are popular in acne treatments. Malic acid tends to be less irritating than glycolic acid, so it may be a better option if you have sensitive skin. Malic acid has been popular in Asia for years; you can find it in M2 Skin Refinish serum, which contains both malic and mandelic acid, another alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from bitter almonds (m2skincare.com)


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