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Dry Hands? by Beauty Sage

Winter—with its cold weather, hot showers and central heating—causes the water in our skin to evaporate, leaving our hands feeling dry and chapped. Instead of shamefully shoving them into gloves, we recommend layering on creams with deeply hydrating ingredients, like shea butter and natural oils—grapeseed, almond, olive and coconut to name a few. You can find these ingredients in our creamy, moisturizing formulas proven to deliver the softest touch around—hands down.
Keep these hand-y.
Beecology Original Honey Hand & Body Cream
This natural hand and body cream nourishes the skin with olive oil and shea butter, and locks in moisture with beeswax, honey and bee-derived propolis.
Bayberry Naturals Wild Oats & Honey
Hand & Body Lotion

Enlisting the goodness of organic honey and oatstraw extract, this hand and body lotion soothes the most fragile, irritated skin.
NUXE RĂªve De Miel® Hand and Nail Cream
This non-greasy hand cream includes nourishing sunflower, avocado, rose tree muscatel and calendula oils to reinforce skin’s lipid barrier and acacia honey (its namesake) to repair skin.
Bayberry Naturals Sensitive Skin Hand &
Body Lotion

This luxurious hand lotion moisturizes with coconut oil, nourishes and protects with grapeseed oil and completely soothes with organic aloe.
Beecology Lavender With Bergamot Foaming Hand Soap
The coconut, olive and hemp oil in this formula cleanse and moisturize, without over-drying your skin like other foam soaps.
Beecology Grapefruit & Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap
Packed with moisturizing oils (coconut, hemp and olive), it’s a zesty (and sulfate-free!) way to nourish your skin—all with a fresh, uplifting scent.
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