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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

The most important difference between plants(especially the green leafy plants) and animals is the presence of chlorophyll in the plants.  Plants get the green color in the leaves due to the presence of the chemical called chlorophyll.  It is chlorophyll which has the ability to absorb and trap the energy from the sun.  During photosynthesis chlorophyll is used by plants to produce their food. However the topic of this article is how this chlorophyll can be useful to humans when used in diet.

What Do Doctors and Scientists Say About Chlorophyll

Conventionally doctors and scientists do not believe that chlorophyll has any health benefits.  They also say that the claim that chlorophyll cells are similar to hemoglobin is not true and it is not absorbed by the blood at all.  So as per the research studies there may not be any health benefits of taking chlorophyll supplements.

What do Alternative Health Proponents Say About Chlorophyll

Alternative health advocates have been claiming that there are numerous health benefits of taking chlorophyll.  Their argument is that many diseases can be cured by taking green vegetable juices and the reason behind that is the chlorophyll which is present in the green leaves.  The basis of supporting the intake of chlorophyll is based on the amazing health benefits of green leafy vegetable juices.

10 Common Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

I researched the experience of many people on internet who use commercial chlorophyll, and found the following 10 health benefits observed by people using Chlorophyll

1. More Energy during pregnancy
2. Help in Stomach diseases and prevents diseases in case contaminated of expired food is eaten
3. Alleviates arthritis pain for elderly.
4. Increase in metabolism and boost in energy
5. Keeps the PH balanced
6. Helps in easing of bowel movements thus helping those who have constipation
7. Helps in getting rid of chronic cough in few months.
8. Bad smell in the body in areas like underarm is removed.  Many people have claimed that they do not need deodorants anymore.
9. Foul smelling gas from the stomach is eliminated within few days.
10. Bad breath in the morning is removed which means that it cleans the Liver.

What Do I think?

I believe that chlorophyll does actually gives you real health benefits.  Whether doctors can prove it or not more important is the experience of the people who use commercial chlorophyll products.  Green juice have amazing healing properties and a good part of that comes from the chlorophyll.  I have documented a case where a cancer patient was cured by drinking wheat grass juice.
If you think of it, how many doctors recommend drinking wheat grass juice for cancer?  There are several other cases documented by real people who have cured themselves of various diseases by drinking juices and I believe juice of green leafy vegetable is important part of their diet.  And no one can deny that juice from green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll.
In my opinion it is better to drink fresh juice instead of buying chlorophyll from the marked which come in bottles and in form of tablets as it will be much more beneficial and contain other nutrients also which are available in the leaves.
Cheers to your next glass of juice!


  1. Hi i was wondering if you have any DIY tips on how to remove the Chlorophyll from plant leaves to consume? Please feel free to message my Google account :)


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