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Superset Total Body

Superset Total Body

  • Warm up with a few minutes of light cardio or by doing a warm up set of each exercise with light weight
  • Perform each exercise in the superset one right after the other with no rest 
  • Rest for 10-30 seconds between supersets
  • Beginners:  Perform one set of each exercise and add a set every 2 weeks or as you feel comfortable
  • Intermediate/Advanced Exercisers: Complete 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps for each superset 
  • Click on the links/pictures for detailed descriptions of each exercise
Superset 1:  Squat and One-Legged Squat
Superset 2:  Deadlifts and Reverse Lunges
Superset 3:  Pushups and Chest Press
Superset 4:  Dumbbell Row and Pullovers

DB Row

bilateralrow3.jpg (15015 bytes)
DB Pullover
sspullover2.jpg (11836 bytes)
Superset 5:  Overhead Press and Lateral Raise
Superset 6:  Bicep Curls and Kickbacks


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