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Makeup In a Pinch;Great Tips

Makeup  In a Pinch by Keiko Lynn

I love a great multipurpose product, especially since I can't carry my entire makeup kit with me at all times. There are certain products that I always have on hand in case I'm in need of a quick fix. Here are some of the slightly unconventional ways I combine them to make new products, in a pinch.

- Make your own tinted moisturizer with your facial moisturizer and a medium to full coverage foundation.
I often wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but since it has SPF in it, it isn't ideal for photos or videos (the SPF makes your face look ghostly in flash). When I'm looking for the same effect without SPF or just need light coverage in a pinch, I mix my BeautyMint moisturizer (Use promo code LYNN for $10 off your first month's BeautyMint kit - valid through 3/31.and MUFE HD Foundation on the back of my hand and apply! Only mix what you are going to use right away - this does not store well.

- Mix a little bit of orange lipstick (no shimmer!) into your concealer to cover stubborn undereye circles. 
The orange tint will help combat the grey. As with any new products, do a patch test if you have sensitive skin. My Almay Wake Up Concealer is usually enough coverage for me, but when I need an extra boost, I mix in a tiny bit of orange lipstick (such as MAC Morange). Do this first - then layer your foundation to blend this in.

- Mix a tiny bit of MAC Vanilla Pigment with my BeautyMint moisturizer to make a beautiful illuminator/highlighter. 
MAC Pigments are the most versatile products in my kit - they can be used as shadows, blush, highlighters, or mixed with other products for a custom cosmetic. You can also use it on its own to highlight, but I like to use it as a cream because it blends beautifully.

- Another use for pigments: make your own nail polish! Mix the pigment of your choice with a clear polish. 
You can mix it on a paper plate so you don't have to commit to an entire bottle. Pictured here: Orly Clear Nail Lacquer and MAC Melon Pigment. I especially like to do this when I'm traveling and don't want to carry multiple polishes.

- Mix with a clear gloss like E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss to make a beautiful new lip shade.
Besides using them on the eyes - my favorite use for pigments is on the lips. Make sure the pigment you choose is lip safe (Melon is). A little bit goes a long way, so pigments are a great investment.

My Take;
You can use any combinations of your products you love.You can even use any favorite minerals also along with your favorite moisturizer,concealer,lipstick,etc.


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