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Green Smoothies for Busy People

Green Smoothies for Busy People 

by Kathy Hughes


Whether you wish to detox, lose weight, recover from an illness or just improve your health, many people today are struggling with the desire to get healthy.  Most people don’t know where to start as we have all become too busy.  Green Smoothies have become a revolution as an easy way to restore the body to good health and include vital nutrients in a single hit.  
By allowing yourself some time to savour the taste of raw foods, you will come to love and enjoy what you eat more than you ever did before. The taste of green smoothies may at first be hard to take as the taste buds have become accustomed to the not so healthy foods.  But after giving it some time on green smoothies, no longer will sugary foods and white flour appeal to you – they are not ‘whole’ they have been altered to such an extent that they can no longer provide what your body thrives on.
But the challenge is still the busy lifestyles and while we are caught up in this busyness it is easy to be tempted to call into the nearest fast food outlet.  Hence why green smoothies have become so popular and are found to be an easy and effective way to begin in the positive changes you wish to seek towards good health or weight loss.

 It has been said that women need to consume 5 to 7 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day and for men it is 8 to 10 to be in optimum health.  That may seem very daunting and overwhelming to a lot of busy people so they put it aside while their health continues to decline or they keep piling on the weight.  It is possible to make a smoothie which contains up to 14 fruit and vegetables in a single bound. 

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Some tips to help prepare your Green Smoothies and save time in the long run 
  • Spend a couple of hours each week to organize and prepare the foods for your health drinks for the week ahead will save you time in the long run.
  • Although fresh is always best, freezing your fruit and vegetables is certainly a worthwhile option if you wish to ensure you are having the required amount of nutrients throughout your day. 
  • Source your favourite greens, wash while fresh, drain and store in a large plastic (or glass is better) air tight container to keep fresh.
  • Make enough green smoothie to take for your lunch so you will not be tempted to eat out – you will also engage in some very interest conversation of people who wish to do what you’re doing!

 Detox Plan with Green Smoothies 
  • Make enough Smoothie for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - and in between if you wish.
  • Drink at least 3 litres of fresh clean water – 1 litre to be drunk first thing upon rising in the morning.
  • Ensure you take psyllium husk and flax seeds to help in bowel elimination (very important in any detox program!) and or drink senna tea each day or second day.
  • Consider adding bentonite clay to your smoothies to aid in the absorption of toxins and poisons in your body.
  • Expect the first 3-4 days to be hard with detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea and flu like symptoms.  Day 3 and 4 are usually when a lot of people stop as they don’t like the symptoms.  This is the body healing itself which is a normal process so hang in there, it will pass.
  • Do your detox for 1 day or as many days as you like. 


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