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DIY Slimming Essential Oil Blend

I was fortunate enough to not gain as much weight as I usually do while taping “Top Chef” this time around. I’ve learned from past seasons that I don’t have to finish every last little morsel and drop of sauce on my plate. In previous seasons the wardrobe woman would stand in the background coaching me to take “smaller bites” after having to take me up two dress sizes within the 6 weeks of taping. Live and learn!
That being said, I do have an old trick for slimming down that I’ve been using since my modeling days. If I knew I had a big event or shoot (especially lingerie) I would make an all-natural topical diuretic that works wonders. I’ve shared the recipe with girlfriends and they’ve literally lost ½ an inch overnight using it and I used it last month right before the Emmys.

I talked about juniper berry oil making a fantastic diuretic in an earlier post and this is my recipe:

•    3 oz. jojoba oil (I prefer Desert Sun which is available at Whole Foods)
•    40 drops of juniper oil
•    20 drops grapefruit oil
•    10 drops geranium oil
•    10 drops rosemary oil
•    10 drops black pepper oil
•    5 drops rose absolute

Vigorously shake the oils together and massage the concoction into your skin 24 hours prior to your event. Better yet have someone else massage the oil onto your body. The heating action of the massage works the blend deeper into your skin and relaxes you as seductive notes of black pepper and geranium hang in the air.
You can also pour ¼ cup into a hot bath to steam and soak in it for 30 minutes right before going to bed so that the oil really soaks in. To truly engage your senses, light candles around the room and turn on a beautiful classical pianist such as Chopin and let the music carry you away.

Get plenty of sleep and this is important—stay hydrated. You could end up with a headache if you don’t.
When I went for my last gown fitting on the day of the Emmys I had lost an inch much to everyone’s surprise. I was thrilled to have my dress taken in instead of let out.
Do you use natural supplements or have techniques that help reduce water retention? .


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