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Having a Party?Low Glycemic Party

How to Make a Low Glycemic Index Party

How to Make a Low Glicemic Index Party
If you started your new Low GI nutrition, you don’t want to interrupt it having a party. Being consistent is critical. You made a commitment, and you want to follow it anytime, anywhere. But you also want to have a great party! No worries, it is really easy to do. The next time you plan a party, create a list of delicious meals that will satisfy your guests, and maintain your figure. These tips will help you to enjoy tasty and healthy food when you entertain your friends.
1. Arrange a variety of cheese and vegetables for an appetizer.
Fresh Mozzarella
Smoked Mozzarella
Baby carrots
Cocktail tomatoes
Slices of red, green, yellow and orange sweet pepper
Green and black olives
2. Seafood is always a great addition.
Use cooked shrimp with Cocktail Sauce and lemon slices. It looks beautiful, and also delicious and healthy. However, please read the ingredients carefully before buying a Cocktail Sauce. Some of them contain sugar or/and corn starch, or/and high fructose syrup. Even a small amount of those, will influence negatively on your pancreas and will slow down the weight loss process.
3. All kinds of stuffed mushrooms will make a difference.
However, please avoid adding breadcrumbs to stuffing. Mushrooms stuffed with cheese, meat, shrimp or vegetables are just great!
4. Fresh lettuce leaves or sweet pepper are great substitute to traditional wraps.
They may be filled with the tuna or chicken salad, avocado or lobster salad.
5. Wrap different vegetables or cheese with prosciutto or slices of smoked turkey breast.
Looks cute, tastes great!
6. Find any recipes for turkey, beef, pork tenderloin or chicken for a main dish.
Every recipe is good if you avoid using bread crumbs, flour or honey for cooking.
7. At this point I hear you voice: “OK, but what should I do with a dessert? I am in real troubles here!!!”
Here is your list for dessert:
Varieties of dark chocolate which contains more than 70% cacao
All kinds of fresh fruits and berries
Strawberries, red berries, blueberries and blackberries
Pineapple, mango
Serve a huge dish of compote with mixed canned and frozen fruits and berries. First, it looks gorgeous. Second, since it is cold it is very refreshing.
Variety of nuts. Almonds in 73% cacao dark chocolate will satisfy every gourmet. However, please avoid nuts in sugar or honey.
And again…Cheese plate! This time choose cheese with cranberry, blueberry, apricots or walnuts. They are delicious and perfect for dessert.
8. What to drink?
Avoid all kinds of sweet soda. Plain water and fresh juice, red or white wine will be the best choice. If you like cocktails, you can have ‘Vodka Martini’ or ‘Gin Martini’, but please avoid ‘Margarita’ or any other sweet cocktails (too much sugar, you really don’t need it).
Now you are all set now for your Low GI Party! Have a GREAT one!
Dr. Irina Koles


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