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Diamond Push Ups-Exercise of the Day

Diamond Pushups

The pushup is one of the most versatile forms of exercise that exists...you can do them anywhere, at any time, and with all kinds of different variations. These variations work the muscles differently, forcing muscle confusion and, ultimately, muscle growth! (that is, if you're eating healthy and working out regularly).
This one in particular is a triceps killer! Along with working the pecs and shoulders, this is a great addition to any workout program! So, let's see what it's all about...

The Exercise

Kneel down on your knees and place your hands on the ground. Orientate your hands so that both your index fingers and thumbs are touching (they'll make a diamond shape!).
Lift your body up so that only your toes and hands are making contact with the floor. Make sure your back is straight by tightening those core muscles (quadriceps, glutes, abdominal muscles, lower back muscles). This is important!
Bending your elbows, lower your self to the ground slowly while keeping your body as straight as possible (don't bend your back or allow your hips to sag!). Go as low as you can, but not so far that you can't push yourself back up. Don't be a hero here - go as far as you can and come back up. Even if you can only manage a few inches, that's perfectly fine. You'll get better and stronger with time! Going farther than you're capable doesn't really do any good.
Do as many reps as you can!

Some Pointers

This one is usually pretty tough for beginners since they haven't yet developed powerful triceps. In other words, the beginner won't be able to go low or to do very many reps. It just takes some time...don't give up!
If you're having difficulty with the exercise, you can move your hands apart until you're more able to complete a few reps. As you get stronger, move your hands closer to each other a little at a time.
If you can do the exercise with ease, I'd suggest adding a slight variation to add a bit of intensity to your pushups. For example, try holding one leg about 2 feet off the ground for 5 reps. Then, switch to the other leg. This'll really target the core and add more resistance to each arm individually.
One other way to add intensity is to attach a weight plate to your back throughout the motion! Along with adding resistance to the movement, it'll force your core muscles to work harder in stabilizing your back. Remember, keep your core muscles tight in each and every one of the pushups!


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