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The Benefits of a Liver Flush

The Powerful Benefits of a Liver Flush
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Flushing your liver is one of the most powerful ways of cleansing body, mind, and spirit. Few people are aware of how carrying gallstones in the liver can be majorly contributing to long term and chronic illnesses. It also sets the stage for future disease and overall imbalance.

You may be surprised to hear that gallstones can be found in the liver. Most people assume gallstones occur only in the gallbladder. After doing a liver flush myself, and watching over 60 people go through a liver flush at Grace Grove Retreat Center, I can personally assure you that there is a high likelihood that there are gallstones in your liver!

So why does this matter and what does it mean to you? The liver is the main operating system in your body. It has direct control over the function and growth of every cell in your body. Keeping your Liver in a healthy condition is vastly important for your health and longevity.

Energetically, the liver is also the place where emotions such as anger, grief, and sadness are stored. This is recognized in many ancient healing systems. Tears actually have the same chemical composition as blood, except without the iron, and the Liver is full of blood. So when you release tears, you are actually also relieving pressure on the liver. The emotions and the Liver are majorly connected!

The results of a Liver Flush are astonishing. Imagine clear skin, renewed vision, and improved digestion. You can do up to 6 liver flushes in the period of several months, and in fact it is recommended that you do several in a row to assure the liver is thoroughly detoxed. Once the liver is operating properly again, every other system and function of the body can start to improve.  Many people experience a total clearing up of chronic issues and disease, even allergies, after doing a series of liver flushes. Imagine a car with a bad engine. It might have all the other parts in place, but without a running engine nothing can function properly. Vroom vroom! It’s time to get that motor up and running again!

You can learn more about liver flushes by reading Andreas Moritz’s book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”, where you can learn to do your own Liver Flush, or try the Liver Flush offered at Grace Grove Retreat Center if you prefer being guided through a cleanse by professionals. The benefits you will receive are truly priceless!
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