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Cabbage Casserole

(“Cabbage Pudding”)


  • • 1 lb ground Beef.
  • • 1 lb ground Pork.
  • • 1 Onion, minced.
  • • 1/4 cup cold Water.
  • • 2 tbsp Beef Stock.
  • • 1 tbsp Tamari (or gluten free soy sauce).
  • • 1/4 tsp ground Allspice.
  • • 2 heads of Cabbage.
  • • 3 tsp Honey.
  • • ground White Pepper, crushed Black Pepper and Salt to taste + Butter for frying.

Cooking Steps

Per-heat oven to about 400F.
Remove the hard core from the cabbage heads, and then cut the heads in halves.
Cut three of the cabbage head halves in larger pieces (each piece about the size of a stamp) and set aside.
Cut the 4th half in much smaller pieces and set aside separately.
Heat up a frying pan, add a bit of butter and fry the larger pieces in batches (about 1/2 head per batch).
For each batch, season with salt and white pepper while frying and keep frying until the cabbage has turned brown, stirring every once in a while. When it’s got a nice brown color, drizzle 1 tsp honey over it, stir and set aside (make sure the honey does not burn).
When the three batches of larger cabbage pieces are done, do the same for the finely cut cabbage but without the honey, and set aside separately.
Put the ground meat, minced onion, cold water, tamari, beef stock, allspice, and the fried finely chopped cabbage in a bowl. Season with salt and crushed black pepper, and work it thoroughly with your hands until everything is evenly blended into a solid mixture.
Cover the bottom of a large oven tray with half of the fried larger pieces of cabbage, then spread out the meat mixture on top of the cabbage and quite firmly press it with your hands (making one layer of meat that is like a big patty covering the bottom cabbage layer).
Spread out the other half of fried larger pieces of cabbage on top of the meat, and place the tray in the middle of the oven.
It’s done after about 30-40 minutes.


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