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DIY Feet Treatment

  •  Walking and wearing sandels does murder on your feet.Especially if you are like me and barefoot alot around the house or out in the heat in flip flops.So I have a great treatment.Remember once you have done this go out and get Vitamin E oil and massage in your feet to keep them soft.Not cream oil.
  • Moisturizing Soap
  • Epsom Salt 
  • Towel
    • 1
      Wash your feet with a gentle, moisturizing soap. Glycerin soaps work especially well.
    • 2
      Fill a basin or bathtub with enough hot water to cover your feet. Get the water as hot as you can stand it, and toss in a handful of Epsom salt. Mix the salt around with your hand until it is dissolved.
    • 3
      Soak your feet in the salt solution until the water turns cool. Wrap your feet in a clean, soft towel to dry them.
    • 4
      Give your feet another 5 to 10 minutes to dry completely.
    • 5
      Remove any dead skin on your heels, toes, and the balls of your feet with a foot file. Stop frequently to check your progress. If you feel any pain or irritation, stop.
    • 6
      Rinse the flakes of skin off your feet with warm water.
    • 7
      Slather your feet with a thick moisturizer, and put on a pair of heavy cotton or wool socks. Wear the socks overnight to help the moisturizer soak in.

I hope you enjoy your soft feet!


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