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Pregnenolone-Hormone Balance


Pregnenolone side effects and benefits, review of dosage and research studies, safety, danger, caution and risks, by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
You MUST read this page regarding pregnenolone side effects before you buy pregnenolone supplements
Pregnenolone is a natural hormone that cannot be patented. Back in the 1940's, when researchers started experimenting with it, they realized that it could be helpful for people under stress and it could increase energy in those who were fatigued. However, about the same time, cortisol, another closely related hormone, was discovered. Cortisol stole the limelight. When cortisol was given to individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, there were outstanding short-term improvements. Photographs of these remarkable recoveries were circulated and the medical community was impressed. Scientists basically put pregnenolone aside to focus on cortisol. The structure of cortisol was altered to make similar molecules such as dexamethasone and prednisone, much more powerful steroids. Dexamethasone and other similar corticosteroids could be patented, and thus a pharmaceutical company could make a lot of money. Pregnenolone has stayed in relative obscurity since the 1940's, with only rare mentions in the medical literature. There have been few studies published on pregnenolone in recent years, and only a couple involve human subjects.
Some people find pregnenolone improves energy, vision, memory, clarity of thinking, wellbeing, and often sexual enjoyment or libido. It may be considered a good brain enhancer in those who are deficient. Studies in rodents show it to be one of the most effective and powerful memory boosters. Pregnenolone may increase levels of acetylcholine in the hippocampus and other memory regions in the brain. Some women report lessening of hot flashes or premenstrual symptoms. However, this hormone supplement is not risk-free. For safer alternatives, consider Mind Power Rx natural supplement as a mind booster, Passion Rx as a sexual enhancer, MultiVit Rx for more energy, and Eyesight Rx for better vision within days.

Thyroid gland and hormones
I have not seen good studies in regards to the influence of this hormone supplement on thyroid hormone levels, but one should proceed cautiously.

Eyesight improvement and better vision
A good number of individuals who have taken pregnenolone report enhancement of visual perception. Colors are brighter and clearer. Patterns are more noticeable. Looking becomes more enjoyable. However, not everyone seems to be attuned to this perceptual enhancement. Eyesight Rx is an exceptional natural product for vision enhancement.


  1. I've heard about this stuff before. My friend uses BioMatrix pregnenolone and they tell me it helps them a lot. I believe them because they're a lot happier because they feel better.


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