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HIIT Training-My Favorite Way to Workout

What Is HIIT?

High intensity interval training, or HIIT training, is an interval workout that has been around for decades.  The HIIT routine includes intervals of high intensity exercises, followed by recovery intervals of light to moderate intensity exercises. Due to the fact that this training involves pushing yourself to do intense exercise intervals, the HIIT workout can provide many advantages that the usual exercise routines cannot offer including, aerobic, anaerobic, muscular endurance, and fat burning like never before.

What exercises can be used for a HIIT Routine?

HIIT exercises can be very specific programs, or just traditional exercises, depending on your specific goals and your current physical condition. Here just a few samples you can consider for your HIIT training:
Running Sprinting Biking Stairmaster
Treadmill Elliptical Weight Training Kettlebell
Box Jumps Thrusters Pushups Power cleans
Sled pulling Jump rope Polyometrics Anything else

Whether you are at the gym, on the track, in your house, yard, or on the road a HIIT workout can be completed with great success. Any activity can be used for HIIT training, the idea is to go intense for a set amount of time doing any activity you want followed by a recovery period, and repeat as many sets necessary to meet your goals.

Throw boulders around your yard, run on a treadmill, sprint around the track, up a hill, or through your hood.  Pound on an old tire with a sledgehammer, throw the old tire as far as you can, as high as you can, against the wall as hard as you can, as many times as you can in 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds. Repeat, Pick up the heaviest thing you can find and walk around with it for 30 seconds then rest and repeat.  Lift that 70 lb punching bag up over your head as many times as possible for 30 seconds, then take 20 seconds off, repeat 10 times.  Push your car down the driveway for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and then repeat 20 times. 
I think you get the point of HIIT training by now!

What are the interval lengths?

This depends on your current conditioning level and your specific workout goals.  Starting with a few repeats of shorter intervals of work and longer intervals of rest and over time as your condition improves you can increase the work interval duration, decrease the recovery interval, and increase the number of sets to meet your goals.

The flexibility of the GYMBOSS timer allows you to set any 2 intervals of your choice from 2 seconds to 99 minutes, you can start your HIIT workout routine with precise work interval and rest interval time periods, and slowly increase or decrease as you see fit.  Using the GYMBOSS interval timer you also set the number of repeats that you desire allowing you to focus on your workout, not the clock.

You decide what your work and rest intervals are, set the number of repeats you want to accomplish, and you will get the best possible HIIT workout in the least amount of time burning more calories and fat than ever before.
Clipped to the waistline of your shorts, armband, back of your hat, or held in your hand, clip to the weight rack, the  loud beep and vibrate alarms are easy to recognize signaling time to start or stop your intervals allowing you to focus on your workout and get results like never before.

These are just a few sample HIIT workout samples:

  • Tabata
    20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, for 8 rounds.  A 4 minute killer HIIT routine! 
  • Sprint
    5 minute warm up
    20 seconds fast run, 40 seconds walk for 5 repeats
    30 seconds fast run, 30 seconds walk for 5 repeats
    1 minute fast run, 30 seconds walk for 5 repeats
    5 minute cool down
    (Say goodbye to boring runs!)
  • Weightlifting
    Set timer to 1 minute interval for 30 repeats and start a set at every alarm using weight as necessary to complete 15 reps per set. (You’re going to sweat while everyone else in the gym is standing around talking!)


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