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The Benefits of Camu Camu

Herbal and food supplements are rapidly becoming a popular way to increase health and ward off the effects of diseases. Many people are turning to natural over synthetic ways to reduce the symptoms of many health issues that are growing in numbers due to poor diet, un-healthy lifestyle choices and stress. Recently, a fruit was discovered from the tropical rainforests in Peru that contains powerful anti-oxidants and many healthy properties.
The fruit is called camu camu and is a tropical fruit that is similar to a cherry. It grows deep in the Amazon rainforests. It is known to be extremely high in a potent form of Vitamin C and phytochemicals. This fruit has been used for many things including; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and many others.
camu camu
Because camu camu fruit is so high in Vitamin C, it tends to be very sour. The locals mix it with milk and sugar and use it in preparations for ice cream, jellies and juices. Being rich in flavanoids, it is a very powerful antioxidant. It also contains several amino acids and B vitamins giving it a variety of health benefits. It has not been widely studied, but those who are investigating this rare fruit are finding beneficial health properties far beyond those of just vitamin C.
The vitamin C in camu camu is more absorbable by the body because it is plant based over synthetic vitamin C tablets. Until recently, this fruit has not been widely known in the United States; however it is very popular in Asia.. This fruit contains 50 times the vitamin C than oranges. Due to the high levels of Vitamin C, it is thought to be very beneficial to oral and gum health. Other properties make it helpful to the eyes and the skin. People who use this fruit have found many other health benefits including; anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, hair tonic and anti-viral.

Brain Benefits of Camu Camu

The substances in camu camu have not been widely studied and researchers are unsure of why, but this fruit shows amazing potential to balance brain chemistry and moods. It is suspected that the high Vitamin C content may provide the brain proper nourishment, but the theory is not yet proven. It is thought to increase serotonin levels. Some suspect the high amount of B Vitamins may also play a role.One thing that is known is that proper levels of Vitamin C are needed to support a healthy nervous system. This fruit provides far more vitamin C than oranges. Adequate levels of vitamin C can support better memory, less depression and anxiety and also sharper vision.Some users claim that after using this fruit for extended periods of time they require less synthetic anti-depressant medications.


The indigenous people of South America have found that one benefit from using camu camu is that it is a powerful anti-viral. People suffering from Herpes Simplex and Eppstein-Barr viruses have had decreased flare ups while using the fruit. They claim it can also lessen the severity of Shingles (Varicella Virus). These viruses can flare over and over in periods of stress. High vitamin C intake helps the body deal with stressful periods, therefore reducing flare-ups of Herpes viruses.


Camu camu also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and other substances that can help the body repair joint, cartilage, ligament and tendon damage by supporting collagen production. This makes the fruit a helpful joint supplement. People in the rainforests use a tonic made from the fruit to promote healthy hair. It is said to restore shine, strength and vitality to hair. It can repair split ends and give hair a silky texture.
The government of Peru is hoping that camu camu will increase in popularity due to its health benefits and quickly become a major export for the country


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