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Things To Do When You Eat Badly

What to Do After Eating Badly

So, some jerk left out the double chocolate cake and you had your way with it. Or, maybe you fell head first into the punch bowl with your mouth wide open and after that, anything fried seemed like a great idea. There are many ways to fall into some bad eating traps, but one day or even three days of badness doesn’t have to spiral into a habit.  Here are some tips to minimize the damage and get you back on track.
STOP. Don’t let one bad meal or one mouthful of cream sauce send you spiraling into the abyss. Regain control of yourself by accepting what you’ve already eaten and making your next choice a sensible one.

Hydrate. Give your body the ammunition it needs to work through the junk you’ve just eaten. Drink plenty of water and give yourself at least 3-4 hours before eating anything again, so that your digestive system can focus on processing.

Move. Go for a brisk walk or hit the gym. You’ll feel better about yourself and get your blood flowing. Fresh air will clear your head.

Be honest. What was the reason you ate whatever it was that has you feeling gross now? Was it in response to a stressful situation? Were you bored? Did you feel pressure to eat what everyone else was eating? Figure it out. Write it down. Understand the why.

Green juice. It really is the ultimate panacea. Don’t drink a green juice directly after eating badly – rather, wait until the next day and start your morning with one. Perhaps have several green juices through the morning and early afternoon and waive food until late afternoon. This will allow your body some time to rejuvenate itself.
Understanding the WHY behind your decision to eat badly is really the most important thing. If your current eating habits are leaving you feeling unfulfilled and deprived, then of course you’re going to continually rebel against whatever restrictions you’ve put on yourself.
If you know you have an event coming up where you’ll be tempted to overeat, take control of the situation. Tell yourself: Okay, I love the Fettuccine Alfredo at that restaurant. I will make sure to have my green juice that morning, eat a big salad with plenty of nutrients for lunch, and start my dinner with a small salad and ask for a half portion of the pasta. Enjoy the heck out of it and feel great because you planned it. It’s not out of control in any way.
Remember, life is too short to be constantly stressed about what you’re putting in your mouth. Take control, understand your decisions, and enjoy yourself!


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