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Coconut Water Helps UTI

Coconut Water Prevents and Cure Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Do you feel a stinging or burning sensation when urinating? Have you seen small drops of blood in your urine? Have been feeling mild pain in your lower abdomen or lower back? Or you are probably noticing that you are urinating more frequently?

If your answer is positive to all of the above questions, then there is a big chance that you have a urinary tract infection (UTI).  

What is UTI or Urinary Tract Infection?

A person with UTI has a bacterial infection in any part of the urinary tract. The bacteria can be in the urethra, kidneys, bladder and ureter. This bacterial infection can stay in the kidney or bladder and thus worsen the condition. People with healthy immune system can fight and wash away these infections thru the urine. But for those who are not so healthy, the infection can multiply in the urine.

Urinary tract infections can appear suddenly but the good news is that it is easily treated especially if treatment is applied early. Though it is rarely life-threatening, early treatment is recommended so it would not develop into a more serious disease.

The most common treatment prescribed by doctors for UTI is antibiotics and it is an effective remedy. However one downside is that as the antibiotic kills the bad bacteria, the good bacteria in the intestines are also damaged. Intestinal bacteria are important because it helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as help fight the proliferation of bad bacteria. The best treatment for UTI is therefore not antibiotics. The best way to treat urinary tract infections (UTI) is by doing it the natural way.

Coconut Water and Coconut Oil To Treat UTI Naturally    
To cure UTI naturally, you only need two coconut products- coconut water and coconut oil.

The medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) of coconut oil contain powerful antibacterial properties that destroy all kinds of disease-causing organisms such as viruses, parasites and bacteria. The good thing about coconut oil is that it only attacks the bad bacteria and doesn’t kill the beneficial ones.

Meanwhile, coconut water contains cleansing and healing properties so it can cure urinary problems. Coconut water can cure bladder infections and even dissolve kidney stones.

To cure UTI, it is recommended to take at least three tablespoons of VCO everyday. For faster healing, drinking two glasses of coconut water a day is suggested.

Making coconut water and coconut oil a regular part of a daily diet helps one maintain a healthy urinary system.

Other natural means to prevent or cure UTI includes drinking at least 8 glasses of clean waiter everyday and wearing comfortable pants and underwear. It is also not healthy to hold back urine.
A healthy immune system is a must to prevent UTI so it is also recommended to exercise daily and eat a balanced diet filed with fruits and vegetables


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