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DIY Coconut and Carrot Mask

Coconut Carrot Vitamin Mask

Carrots are a great source of beta carotene, a natural antioxidant, which both strengthens and protects
the skin. Raw organic honey contains B Complex and natural enzymes to soften and brighten. Coconut
helps moisturize dehydrated skin and is a wonderful source of natural minerals. The Carrot Coconut
Vitamin Mask leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and completely nourished. This mask is especially
beneficial for dry skin.

1 organic young Thai coconut *there will be leftover coconut to use in your smoothies!
1 teaspoon organic coconut oil
1 medium organic carrot
1 teaspoon raw organic honey

- Open coconut and remove water and meat from inside – set aside 1 teaspoon of coconut water and 1
small piece of coconut meat.
- Juice carrot and combine pulp with half the amount of juice.
- Place carrot, coconut, honey, and coconut oil in food processor or blender and blend until smooth.
- Apply 2 teaspoons of mask to clean, damp skin.
- Allow mask to dry (about 15 minutes).
- Remove mask with warm water rinse.
- Apply moisturizer or serum of choice.
This recipe makes about 2-3 mask applications. Store remainder in a clear glass container and it will
last about 3-4 days in the refrigerator.
*Mask may need to be stirred before each use.

The quickie 2 minute version:
1 teaspoon organic carrot juice
1 teaspoon raw organic honey
1 teaspoon organic coconut oil
Combine all ingredients in small bowl and massage into clean, damp skin.
That's it. Good luck. 


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