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Father's Day MANicure-Men Need It

Posted by Michelle Phan 

Hi everyone,
Are you ready for Father’s Day this weekend? If you’re looking for a last-minute way to treat dad or husband, why not give him a MANicure? Ok, ok, I know - it sounds weird. But hear me out...
MANicures are easy, cheap, and it’s unlikely that he’d treat himself to one on his own. Now, I’m not suggesting you go crazy and paint his nails a pastel or bright color, but cleaning them up for him is a nice way to show you care, not to mention a fun (or funny!) bonding experience.
While it may take a little coaxing, here’s a step-by-step on how to do a MANicure for a guy:
1. Cuticles First. Soak his hands in a bowl of warm water for up to 10 minutes in order to soften the cuticles. Once soft and dry, use a cuticle remover to push each cuticle back towards the base. Do this along the sides of the nails as well.

2. Clip & File. Use a clipper to remove any hangnails or dead skin. Make sure to cut his nails short enough so they aren’t an obstacle – most men have short nails, but file them clean of sharp or ridged edges, and shape them naturally to his fingers. If this part grosses you out, pass the clippers to Dad and take care of the filing when he’s done.

3. Buff. Buffing his nails will smooth out the bed. A three-sided buffer will clean, condition and shine the nail plate if used in the correct order.

4. Moisturize. Choose an unscented lotion and have him apply it all over his hands.

5. Thank Him. Be sure to show your dad some gratitude. Not only for being a great dad, but also for going through with your MANicure idea!

Are you going to teach dad or husband a thing or two about beauty this year? What do you have planned for Father’s Day weekend?


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