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Feed Your Face Quiz

The Answer to Great Skin Lies in Your Diet


Check out the answers to the quiz below — and find out how you and your fellow Daily Glow readers did!

1. Should you start your day with:

a. A bran muffin from Starbucks
b. An egg sandwich from McDonald’s

ANSWER: The egg sandwich. Begin your day with protein and fiber, and your blood sugar will stay steady the rest of the day, resulting in fewer breakouts, wrinkles, and rashes. Over 70 percent of you got this right!

2. Which is the best morning snack:

a. Banana
b. Yogurt

ANSWER: This was a close one; the results were about 50-50. If you want to fight wrinkles, choose the yogurt, since it’s high in protein, which helps your body build collagen and elastic tissue to keep your skin firm. Bananas are high in sugar (especially ripe ones). Sugar attacks and breaks down your skin’s collagen, which can lead to wrinkles. However, dairy has been linked to acne, so if you’re battling breakouts, go easy on the dairy.

3. At brunch, should you order a:

a. Bloody Mary
b. Mimosa

ANSWER: Just over 55 percent of you got this one right. A Bloody Mary contains tomato juice, which is high in lycopene, an antioxidant that has been shown to fight sunburn and sun damage. The OJ in a mimosa is packed with vitamin C, but is also high in sugar.

4. You’re grabbing lunch at the food court; should you have:

a. Pizza
b. Tacos

ANSWER: The majority of you thought that tacos were better than pizza — but I’m happy to say the answer is pizza! To make a pizza that helps fight wrinkles, use a whole wheat crust, go light on the cheese, and load up on green and yellow veggies.

5. Which snack is better for your skin?

a. Grapes
b. Almond butter on crackers

ANSWER: This was a tough one! Sixty-five percent of you got this wrong. The answer is B. Grapes do have fiber and vitamin C, but they also have one of the highest sugar concentrations of any fruit. Plus, people tend to eat a bag of grapes instead of the recommended serving size of 12 — bad for your skin and your waist. Almond butter on whole-wheat crackers is a snack that would leave you more satisfied and keeps your blood sugar more stable.

6. When you need to grab something quick between meals, which should you choose:

a. Pretzels
b. Chocolate-covered almonds

ANSWER: Sixty-three percent of you were correct in guessing that the chocolate-covered almonds are better than pretzels. Almonds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help soothe dry skin and eczema, and chocolate has flavonoids that help fight premature aging caused by pollution. If you go for dark chocolate, I’ll give you two thumbs up because more cocoa means more antioxidants. On the other hand, pretzels are low in fat, but they’re a starchy food that turns into sugar in your body, ultimately wreaking havoc on your skin.

7. When dining out for dinner, should you order:

a. Steak
b. Pasta tossed in olive oil

ANSWER: Here’s another tough question! Fifty-five percent of you got this wrong. The answer is steak. Red meat is high in zinc, which is essential for collagen formation and maintaining your skin’s elasticity. This mineral also reduces inflammation to help keep your skin clear. However, because red meat is also high in saturated fat, you should eat it in moderation; no more than twice a week.

8. Which is the best side dish:

a. Iceberg wedge salad
b. Green beans

ANSWER: Most of you got this one right! Green beans contain silicon, an element found naturally in the earth that has been shown to help you grow thicker, healthier hair. Green beans are also high in fiber and one of the lowest-calorie veggies you can eat. They’re the perfect crunchy snack!

9. You’re craving sushi; should you have:

a. Tuna
b. Salmon

ANSWER: Another question most of you aced. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps keep your skin soft and flexible. Tuna often contains high levels of mercury; too much of it can actually make your hair fall out!

10. At a Mexican restaurant, should you order:

a. Quesadilla
b. Beef fajitas

ANSWER: Only 36 percent of you missed this. The fajitas are better because the zinc in beef is essential for collagen production, helps fight acne, and reduces crow’s feet. You also get the added skin benefits of green and red peppers. A quesadilla is smothered in cheese, a dairy product that can worsen acne, rashes, and wrinkles, plus it’s wrapped in a flour tortilla — which can lead to more inflammation.

11. Which chip dip is better:

a. Green salsa
b. Red salsa

ANSWER: Fifty-six percent of you got this right. The red salsa is better because it contains red tomatoes, which are higher in lycopene than green tomatoes.

12. Which beverage is better for your skin?

a. Red wine
b. Lemonade

ANSWER: Most of you hit the mark. The tannins in red wine (which come from the skin of the red grape) are high in polyphenols, and this helps protect your skin from aging, sun damage, pollution, and cigarette smoke — much like the skin prevents grapes from burning in the sun while they ripen on the vine.


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