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Fermented Lemonade

  Lacto-Fermented Lemonade

This week I am posting a recipe for Lacto-Fermented Lemonade.  This came out delicious and is a less sweet version of your typical lemonade; plus it's full of probiotics, a win-win!  It had an amazing fizz to to it, just like soda does, and it was fun to actually hear it bubbling away!

My husband brought home some lemons from a co-worker this past week that were the biggest lemons I have ever seen in my life!  Some of them looked like they were maybe meyer lemons that had been crossed with oranges, as they were so large with very smooth skins and an orange tint to the inside.

I got 8 cups of lemon juice from these lemons!  So, I put up 2 gallons of my lemonade.  I will give you the measurements for one gallon of lemonade.  
*2 cups of lemon juice
*1 cup of sucanat
*1 cup of whey
*1 gallon, minus 3 cups, of filtered water
Simply pour all the ingredients in the the gallon jar, giving the water a good stir to help dissolve the sugar (some of it will end up on the bottom, but that is OK).
Place the lid on the jar and set in a dark place for two days.  You will be surprised to taste how carbonated this drink has become.  It's just like soda!  
Now, this is not a sweet drink, so if you want it a little sweeter, you will need to add some raw honey or extra sucanat.  I also recommend not drinking this on an empty stomach and starting out with half a cup with a meal, as it is a pretty powerful drink.  It can be placed in the fridge after two days.  Because this beverage is going to naturally produce some alcohol, I would avoid drinking this while pregnant.
My lemon juice - can you see how orange it is?  That is why I think these lemons must have crossed with some oranges!


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