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Food To Help You Go You Know

5 Foods That Make You Poop

By: Sherrie Hurd
Break Studios Contributing Writer

We all know beans are the magical fruit, but are there other foods that make you poop? Of course there are; they hail from all parts of the food-pooping spectrum.
All foods make you poop, but there are 5 foods that make you poop more than others. I know this might sound crude, but hey; it is basically true. Constipation is a serious matter. It can really be debilitating if not taken care of. Better yet, if you live a healthy life with the correct nutrition you can avoid becoming constipated most of the time. Want to know how to 'poop' better? Then find out how to eat better. Here are some pointers.
  1. Eat plenty of fruit to be able to poop. Fruit is high in fiber which is needed to add roughage to your digestive system. The skins of some fruits actually hold more fiber than their fleshy contents. When eating fruit, it is most important to consume the outer peeling as well.
  2. Grains are also a good choice when trying to stay 'regular'. Grains are a contradiction to processed and refined foods which carry lots of fat. Fat is much harder to digest. Grains are naturally high fiber foods which also make you feel full preventing over eating. over eating has been the culprit as well in the inability to poop.
  3. Vegetables are great for your digestive system. Paired with whole grain breads, protein and water; vegetables have their benefits in balancing the meal with ample fiber intake. Vegetables are delicious raw and often have full fiber benefit if eaten in this manner. To poop well; eat your vegetables.
  4. Liquids like water or juices are essential to the body in more ways than one. As well as keeping us hydrated; water is wonderful for flushing out toxins. But alot of people are unaware of the effect that liquids have on the stools. Wastes are softer and easier to pass when the body is hydrated.
  5. Legumes are widely know to add fiber to the diet. Although they can be gassy or have the ability to bloat; in small amounts they are very beneficial to the diet and digestive system.
These foods are necessary to balance the diet and keep the system clean. Constipation, or the inability to poop, can become a very serious condition if an individual continues to eat large amounts of processed foods. All natural is the way to go when trying to keep your system active. These foods that keep you active and feeling good also help you poop. And that is simply said.


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