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Is Your Blush Breaking You Out?

Ask an Expert: Why Blush Causes Breakouts

 by Anna K. Fryxell, Social Media Associate

Blush can help perk up the color in our face when we look a little tired and can even make us look younger when applied properly. But while that’s all fine and dandy, your favorite blush isn’t worth it if it causes your skin to break out. That’s why we asked an expert to find out why this happens.

Certain red dyes, specifically those derived from coal tar, and that can be found in many blush formulations, have been shown to be comedogenic. In fact, New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD, told us that there’s even a medical term for the condition: acne cosmetic. The red dyes you need to look out for are D&C numbers 9 and 40.

Some other ingredients found in cosmetics that have been known to cause breakouts are isopropyl myristate and lanolin. To keep your face clear, it’s always good to choose cosmetics that are labeled non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic.

On Facebook, Vicki asked us for blush suggestions that are free of the red dyes that cause her to break out. Some great options are products from Youngblood Cosmetics because they don’t contain dyes and are both non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Youngblood makeup artist Max Braun recommends the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Blush ($20) and Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush ($27).


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