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Mark. Calm and Composed-My Review

 mark Calm & Composed Super-Soothing Moisturizer

 Ever so often I get sensitive skin or even the hives..and I have tried everything from the shelve to even doctors products..I finally was suggested to to try a product that has some veggies in it and soothing ingredients..or if I did not put enough sunscreen when I was out swimming.Mark's Calm and Composed is my back up moisturizer that I always keep on hand when my skin is sensitive.I also use it when I have done some of my facials to calm the reddness.I will give it a 9.It is a Avon product but from the Mark line..I like the line because the makeup is on the go and wears well.Another review in the future on makeup.

Calm and Composed is filled with plenty of skin-soothing ingredients. Glycerin and shea butter draw moisture into skin, while rose extract, avocado, and red algae reduce skin redness and irritation. The delivery system is ingenious and perfectly proportioned: Simply press the container down for the perfect pea-sized dose of moisturizer.
mark's Calm and Composed Super-Soothing Moisturizer sinks into skin immediately for an immediately soothing, non-greasy sensation and provides visible redness relief. The comfortable feeling lasts for hours. I applied once in the morning and again after applying my medication when I have the hives or not at night for the best results.
As much as I adore this moisturizer, it does have one drawback: no spf..So do wear a spray spf if you are going to be out in the elements or a foundation or powder that have it..The price is really reasonable.18 dollars and you can get a really good deal if you buy the set of the sensitive skin..I love the mask too.



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