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Patchouli Oil-The Benefits

Health benefits of patchouli oil

by Janette Peel

Patchouli oil is famous for its lingering aroma, but its many lesser known curative uses are just as powerful.
The earthy, balmy aroma of patchouli remains a symbol of the psychedelic 1960s, associated with flower power' and relaxed sexuality.
Patchouli's highly tenacious, spicy aroma becomes sweeter as the harsher top notes evaporate to leave a rich velvet, musky scent. It is widely used in oriental perfumes and in incense and joss sticks, when it is often blended with jasmine and sandalwood.
Patchouli has a pronounced effect on the nervous system and is useful in treating stress and anxiety. It is also a valuable beauty oil for all complexions and its use improves the texture of mature and dry skins. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action heals acne, eczema and chapped skin and it is a tonic for scalp disorders.
Patchouli's uplifting and balancing actions have been in use for centuries and are due to its fusion of alcohols and certain sequisterpenes.
Alcohols The main alcohol is patchoulol, which helps to directly stimulate the nervous system.
Terpenes It contains many different terpenes, including mycene, limonene, beta-caryophylleol and camphene. These have varied properties, but are all balancing and antiseptic.
Phenols Patchouli also contains traces of eugerol. This phenol, which is also present in clove and ylang ylang oils, contributes to patchouli's spicy, pungent odor.
Patchouli imparts, warmth and energy and it is an excellent choice for revitalizing your skin, scalp and digestive system. You can also use it to refresh your home.

Patchouli is an effective treatment for skin disorders and makes a fragrant addition to facial blends and bath oils.

Cool and heal chapped and cracked skin by blending 3 drops each of patchouli, chamomile and myrrh oils with 20ml of calendula cream. Patchouli and chamomile's anti-inflammatory actions complement the cooling properties of myrrh and calendula.

Create a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types by adding 2 drops of patchouli oil and 4 drops each of sandalwood and myrrh oils to 40ml of sweet almond oil and 5ml of wheat germ oil. Patchouli and myrrh stimulate new skin growth and sandalwood helps to soften the skin; wheat germ provides valuable vitamin E.
For a deodorizing morning shower, and 2 drops of patchouli oil, 5 drops of bergamot oil and 2 drops of lavender oil to a handful of unscented shower gel. Patchouli deodorizes, bergamot refreshes and lavender is antibacterial.

Soothe cracked lips by making a healing
balm. Melt 8 teaspoons of shea butter in a basin over a pan of water. As it cools, add 5 drops each of patchouli and frankincense and 20 drops of lavender. Store in a glass jar and apply to the lips regularly.

Patchouli has been used in the Orient for centuries as a repellent and disinfectant to preserve clothes and carpets.
Deter bugs on warm summer evenings by adding 3 drops of patchouli oil and 5 drops of citronella oil to a ribbon and hanging it in front of a patio door.

For an alternative to mothballs, add a couple of drops of patchouli to cotton wool and place in the back of your wardrobe.

Patchouli's earth, sensual scent is appealing to many men and its therapeutic properties are beneficial for many male concerns.
For relief from jock itch', bathe the affected area with a bowl of water containing 2 drops each of patchouli and tea tree oil. Patchouli's anti-inflammatory action will give cooling relief and both oils will combat fungal infections.

Increase sexual energy with a sensual masculine massage containing 6 drops of patchouli oil, 5 drops each of sandal wood and spruce oils and 4 drops of vanilla oil in 55ml of grapeseed oil.
For a fragrant shave and clear clean skin, rinse off shaving cream with warm water containing a couple of drops of patchouli oil.

For dry, sparse and thinning hair, combine 4 drops of patchouli oil and 5 drops of ylang ylang oil with 250ml of distilled water and 5ml of cider vinegar. Use as a rinse after shampooing.
Balance the mind and emotions with patchouli.

Aid mental concentration by adding 5 drops each of patchouli and clove oils and 10 drops of lemon oil to a room vaporizer. All three oils have stimulating properties and act to sharpen the main.

For stress and mental exhaustion, relax in a hot steamy bath containing 5 drops each of patchouli and lavender oils and 3 drops of lemon oil blended in a teaspoon of grapeseed oil.

Promote clear thought with an aromatic room spray. Add 8 drops each of patchouli and geranium oils and 5 drops of cinnamon oil to 30ml of pure water. Store your mixture in a bottle with a fine mist spra


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