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Quercetin-The Benefits

The benefits of QUERCETIN – it’s not just for dieting .
Science has proven that antioxidants are beneficial to health. One of the most prominent dietary antioxidants, Click for Oleda's Green Tea   CapsulesQuercetin, is a flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, tea, wine and many supplements. Quercetin is also an anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get sufficient antioxidants from diet alone because you cannot physically eat a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in a given day.
Quercetin promotes the thermogenic processes thereby increasing your metabolism. This will increase your energy level without the unwanted effects of caffeine or other stimulants. Quercetin helps your body burn excess carbohydrates and fat, while providing antioxidant support for your body’s needs.

Quercetin is a Free Radical scavenger helping to reduce oxidation within cells in order to fight off the damaging effects of these unstable molecules. As unstable free radicals move throughout the body they are able to bond to healthy/stable molecules in healthy cells. Once in the cells these free radicals damage cell membranes, chromosomes, and enzymes. This damaging of the cells will affect the rate of aging by accelerating the aging processes. Free radicals weaken the immune system, reducing the body’s ability to fight off infection from germs and viruses. A weakened immune system cannot fight off the effects of stress or overwork. Quercetin is a powerful free radical scavenger working to rid the body of these harmful unstable molecules, helping to prevent and repair the damage caused.

Quercetin as a weight loss aid has been very effective by creating a natural boost in energy and the thermogenic processes that increase metabolism, without the unwanted side effects of caffeine and artificial stimulants. Our poor eating habits do little to provide the needed amount of antioxidants our bodies require for normal functioning, let alone enough to counteract our diets loaded with fats, sugars and bad carbohydrates. Our diets today, rather than providing energy and enhancing overall health, actually reduce our energy levels, reduce our mental activity while aging us at an even faster rate. Quercetin increases energy levels naturally while helping to slow the aging damages caused by free radical activity gone unchecked


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