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DIY Orange Candles

Candles – made from oranges? Brilliant, huh?

* Do NOT leave orange candles unattended for any length of time. Also, make sure the orange is stable so it does not topple over. It is a good idea to place the orange on a dish or saucer. Do not place the candle near anything flammable.
You will need:
  • A navel orange (they are easier to peel)
  • a knife
  • Olive oil or other kind of vegetable oil
  • Lighter
The orange will be resting on the stem side, so find an orange with a stem that doesn’t protrude too much. Using a small, sharp knife cut around the orange – but only skin deep.
Use your fingers to work the skin away from the orange. Be gentle, so you don’t rip the skin! (If you are using a navel orange, the skin should loosen quite easily.)
Once it has been loosened, remove the skin – but leave the white stem-like piece intact. This will be the wick.
Fill with olive oil until it is about 1cm from the top of the wick. Dunk the wick in the oil, so it is coated. Light. Enjoy! The flame will last several hours. Don’t want to use an orange? What about a grapefruit? A tutorial on Instructables says you can use any type of citrus fruit – but I have yet to try anything other than an orange.


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