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DIY Facial Soap

I want to share with you a very frugal recipe for DIY Facial Soap.

DIY Facial Soap Recipe
-2 ounces of grated bar soap (or liquid castile soap)
-2 cups of hot water
-5 drops Tea Tree Oil
Directions: Add soap to water and stir to melt. Then add tea tree oil and suitable skin type add-ins.
Suitable Skin Type Add-Ins
Oily: substitute 4 ounces of water for witch hazel, sage, rosemary
Acne: two aspirins crushed into powder, increase tea tree oil to 15 drops
Dry: honey, glycerin, aloe vera, nettle, or St. John’s Wort
Sensitive: calendula, comfrey, chamomile
Antibacterial: birch, cinnamon, eucalyptus
-Lavender is beneficial for all skin types.
-You may choose to include these above listed herbs by infusing them into the hot water prior to adding the soap in the base recipe.
-You may also add them in the form of a few drops of essential oil


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