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Exercises For Your Face

Facial exercises

Tired of having too many wrinkles and an old looking face? If so,  try doing some facial exercises. We offer a selection of facial exercises for free. No purchase is necessary - but we do sell a selection of fine herbal skin care products. We are not in the business of selling facial exercises, and that is why we give them away for free.
facial exercises free
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FREE facial exercises
to achieve that ageless face

Prevent slack facial muscles

Never mind how good your skin care might be, you may get to the time in your life where all your facial muscles simply go slack, lax, saggy, baggy and crepey. The effect is that of a pile of washing - untidy and not that great to look at.

Achieve a smooth wrinkle-free skin

Facial exercises will do a great deal to promote a smooth wrinkle-free skin, and a vibrant glowing picture of health. Start your free facial exercises now, to achieve a more youthful look.

Facial exercises are economical - they are for free

Facial exercises will not take great effort or too much time, and pay handsome dividends in achieving a more smooth skin, with less wrinkles, lines and bags, glowing with health and vitality - a picture of a youthful looking you. You can't get more economical than these free facial exercises - so try the free facial exercises now.

Tone your facial firmness

These lines, wrinkles, folds and bags are not really wrinkles and lines as such, but are the supportive muscles in your face going soft - losing firmness, and not supporting the skin any more. Facial exercises can help with this - creating that facelift look with a non-surgical procedure.

Facial exercises for all ages

Facial exercises are not only for mature people to achieve a youthful, young, ageless and anti-aging face - but also for young people, to maintain their youthful looks.
Facial exercises are great for fighting wrinkles, and promoting a smooth, ageless, anti-aging skin, but also look at our herbal skin care range, to really help you achieve that youthful looking you again.

Facial exercises do not create wrinkles

Facial exercises DO NOT cause wrinkles if done correctly - they actually help to make women and men look younger for longer, without a surgical facelift, by toning facial muscles. Surgical facelifts can be effective, but this type of cosmetic surgery is expensive, and can be traumatic. Why not try the free facial exercises as an alternative to a surgical facelift. The free facial exercises will not be as radical as the facelift, but will assist in achieving a younger looking face, without wrinkles and lines.

Facial exercises do not cause baggy skin

Facial exercises DO NOT cause loose and baggy skin - just the opposite. Incorrect exercises may cause problems, in the same way that incorrect exercises can hurt a muscle in your body. Some plastic surgeons promote and encourage the use of facial exercises, but many don't - why should they promote an exercise that achieves a firm, young, ageless looking face?

Surgical facelifts and facial exercises

Facelifts do work, but why go through a surgical procedure to achieve an ageless face, when you can simply and easily, for free and taking very little time, prevent these aging problems, and also turn back the clock to your young self. What more can we say - for free, you can have exercises to help achieve a more smooth skin, less wrinkles and a younger looking face.
A droopy double chin, or a couple of double chins, hanging cheeks, puckered up mouth, folds in your throat, puffy and droopy eyelids - does this sound familiar to the picture in the mirror? You have worked hard all your life to achieve a deserving ageless existence, and worked out your body muscles to stay in shape - but nobody ever told you to exercise your facial muscles to achieve that ageless look. Try the free facial exercises now.
Facial exercises have been around for a long time, but because there is no financial gain they are not well promoted. It makes you think, doesn't it?
The facial muscles connect to both the skin and the bone, and form the "cushion" on which the skin rests. If this cushion is flat, worn-out, compressed and not consistent in thickness, the skin will also not look its best.
Facial exercises not only benefit the supportive muscles, but also improve the skin and skin tone, as the increased blood flow to the skin assists in bringing nutrition to, and removing toxins from the skin.
The elasticity and health of the skin is determined greatly on the underlying tone, strength and vitality of the supporting facial muscles.
Facial muscle exercises, just like body muscle exercises, must be done regularly to achieve and maintain results. To get your facial muscles up to speed again, do these facial exercises daily, for at least a month, or until the desired effect is achieved, and then do these exercises at least three times a week to maintain the results.
Never mind how good your skin care regimen, or the skin care product you use, you may still need facial exercises to maintain the base muscles of your skin. In the same vein - facial exercises do not negate the use of skin care products - these two disciplines go hand-in-hand - and for a truly ageless look, both must be used together.
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Facial exercises should be done once a day, and this regimen can be continued for your entire life, or you could scale down to three times a week, after completing a month of daily exercises.
Some people report that minor spots or blemishes appear after starting facial exercises, and yes, it is normal.
The skin is once again stimulated to produce its natural oils and lubricants and these minor spots may appear when starting facial exercises, until the skin is functioning efficiently and correctly again. Skin cells get lazy and stagnate, but with proper exercises these cells are once again activated to work with renewed vigor.

The facial exercises


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