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My Sweet Potato Stirfry

2 large sweet potatoes,peeled cut up in even chunks
2 med. zucchini cut up even chunks
1 package of nitrate free smoked sausage cut diagonal
1/4c chop sweet onions
3 cloves garlic minced
1lb of pre-cooked shrimp or raw
1t. cajun season
1t.molasses bacon season McCormick
1T. coconut oil

In a large fry pan add oil and potatoes on med. hi heat and 3T water put lid on it and steam.5-6 minutes...
Than add zucchini,onion,garlic till golden about another 5 minutes.Add sausage and season the all of it with the seasons.When sausage is brown add  the shrimp and a little more of the bacon season and 1t organic butter till shrimp is heated through a minute or 4 minutes till they are done if raw..there you have it done on a whim..Simple easy and I needed to make something fast for my sick hubby..Plus I had some great veggies from the farmers market!!ENJOY!


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