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DIY Coconut-Vanilla Moisturizer

One of my favorite flavor combinations is coconut and vanilla.  It reminds me of warmer weather and summer time.  The coconut oil in this recipe is very moisturizing and will make your skin silky and smooth.  I also added in some vanilla absolute oil which smells rich and sweet and vanilla-like. The best time to apply this moisturizer is as soon as you step out of a hot shower.  Massage a little bit of this over your whole body. It absorbs in easily and leaves you smelling delicious.  Enjoy this recipe!!!

Coconut-Vanilla Moisturizer
47 grams coconut oil
22 grams sunflower oil
10 grams castor oil
15 grams beeswax
25 drops vanilla absolute oil

Make a double boiler and melt the beeswax into the coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil.  Once melted, remove from heat.

Once your oils and wax have melted and combined, mix in your vanilla absolute oil.

Make sure you use vanilla absolute oil and NOT vanilla extract because ONLY vanilla absolute will mix into the melted oil and wax mixture  You can purchase vanilla absolute oil from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Carefully pour the warm liquid into a salve pot or another heat-safe container.  Allow to fully cool and solidify.

Where can you use this?.....You can use it on your face, your neck, your body, your hands, your feet, your hair, your lips, your cuticles, just about everywhere that needs a little or a lot of moisturizer!

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